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Kinds Of Dreams.

Dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. As told by the elders when you're overtaken about someone or something it will come out of your dream.
There was a thought that sometimes the happenings in somebody's dream may happen in real life and sometimes having a bad dream can cause your death, that dream was called "nightmares". Dreams could be bad luck, they could be sad, they could be a tragedy but in the bright side these dreams as said could be a reverse happening in real life.

Here are some kinds of dreams:


 DaydreamThe Daydream, daydream refers to a level of consciousness somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. It is a mild detachment from immediate surroundings often referred by psychology as dissociation. As the mind begins to wonder about certain things such as fantasies and all imagined scenarios, as the mind lulls in concentration throughout the day, the level of consciousness goes down or decreases, the awareness of mind becomes weak until the consciousness is totally absent and sink to the level of actual sleep. A study indicates that as much as half of our day-to-day thoughts are what are generally referred to as daydreams, and that more of our supposedly focused thinking is interrupted and unstructured than we are wont to think.

Research says that daydreaming can reduce stress and provides an opportunity for creativity and the incubation of new ideas without the usual inhibitory brake of our rational and prudent prefrontal cortex. During daydreaming period, our minds are more likely to tackle hard to face life problems that we may be unwilling to work through in a more focused way.


lucid dreams
The Lucid dreams are dreams in which, contrary to the normal situation, the sleeper is actually aware of dreaming, or at least that some event taking place in the dream cannot possibly be really happening. These dreams are generally extremely realistic and vivid. This dream was thought to be more realistic than others. The people could wake themselves when they realize they're actually in their dream, but It may be possibly consciously continue the dream, also it rely on the dreamers will. As told by some people lucid dreams can possibly controlled, making decisions and influencing outcomes. According to the experts it is possible to train oneself to experience lucid dream. It is a theory that, in the process of lucid dreams  the lateral  prefrontal cortex of the brain is for some reason not suppressed, so that the dreaming and logic circuits are both active at the same time.

However according to studies,  there does still seem to be some interface with the rest of the waking brain during lucid dreaming. As told by the one who attempted to control his lucid dream, he tried to dream about his own death by directing to his lucid dreams towards suicide, but the dreams always changed scenes and avoided the death. This also says that it is impossible to control your laugh and everything you want to control in the process of lucid dreams, suggesting a high level of awareness of bodily actions and sensations.


Recurring dreams
Recurring dreams, the recurring dreams are dreams that repeat themselves from e night tonight with a little difference. They could be a good dream, a bad ones and always bad mostly as nightmares. This process of dreaming Was still unsolved and remained mysterious.


Progressive dream, progressive dream are dreams that occur continuously in a sequence night to night, the one night's dream will continue rolling where the previous night's dream cut off on the second night.This is relatively unusual, but it can occur when a particularly complex happenings or situation needs to be worked out in great detail.

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