Thursday, April 14, 2016

Look: An Alleged Wrong SpellingTweet Of Daniel Padilla Gone Viral!

Daniel Padilla is one the most popular teen actor in the Philippines and his one of the most influential male actor out there also "Kathniel" is one of the top love team in Philippine showbiz. Kathniel has faced controversy after endorsing Mar Roxas as their President knowing that the other Padilla's are for Duterte.

This alleged picture about the tweet of Daniel Padilla where he got tweeted a wrong spelling or could be he got confused about the two words "principal" and "principle" but many of his avid fan said that he might have iPhone's autocorrection turned on. What can you say about this issue? Is the picture is fabricated or it really happened?

Principal ano Daniel??? HS o Elementary? Charot! #Principle #MajorTurnOff #NeseyeNeEngLehet
Posted by Happee Advincula on Saturday, April 9, 2016

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