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The Five Types Of Jinn!

The five types of jinn:

A jin is an intelligent spirit of lower rank than the angels, able to appear in human and animal forms and to possess humans.There are five types of jinn that is considered living with us according to Islamic beliefs. Angels are made of light while jinns are made of fire and humans are made of mud or clay. Angels are made by god without their free will however jinns are made like humans with their free will. Jinn may be benevolent, evil, or neutral, but are generally regarded as less trustworthy and more prone to trickery than people, even if they are benign. In addition there are variety of jinns as said in local legends vary from place to place. Moreover, in Egypt there are thoughts that there was a female jinn who inhabit the canals and tributaries of the Nile and lure men to their deaths, much like sirens, but they don’t appear elsewhere in the Arab world.

These are the types of jinn:

The MARID, the Marid is the most powerful in tribe of jinn living with us.  They are the classic genies of folklore, often portrayed as barrel chested men with booming voices. Originally sea-spirits, they are often associated with water, and thought to take sanctuary in the open ocean. While marid are very powerful, they are not technically minded and therefore unlikely to infect your hard drive. Yet, there is only one case of jinn being imprisoned in a flash drive and able to do a lot of damage to a computer attempting to free itself.

The EFFRITEffrits are unpredictable creatures with fiery forms, spectacular magical powers and with an extra ability of intelligence and cunning. They are said to live in a complex society similar to those of humans. Though to be extremely demonic, but they could be a good one. In the Quran, King Solomon is said to have had power over a tribe of effrit, who performed various tasks for him. There are some kind of issues that an effrit is involved such us phishing scams and online privacy violations.

The GHOUL, this type of jinn is famously known as a zombie like jinn. They traveled the north and west to become a common English- language term for “undead monster". This is pretty close to its original Arabic connotation; ghouls are thought to be zombie-like jinn who haunt graveyards and prey on human flesh. Though they are given limited intelligence and merely satanic but they are still incapable of goodness.

The SILA, They are talented shapeshifters, among the tribes of jinn the Sila are more tolerant of human society and they are are most often portrayed as female for be able to seduce their victims. Thought the most intelligent type of jinn but also the most rarely to be seen among the tribes. They only appear sporadically in folklore. Even they are extremely demonic they don't ussually appear to harm and trick humans. Somehow, Sila are fond of meddling
in an attempt to help humans.

Lastly the VETALA, theory to be the real vampires. Vetala are
semi-malevolent spirits from ancient Indian folklore. They can posses human corpse and prevent them from decaying and they are also good at shapeshifting, they can change shape at will. They are said to be natural psychics, capable of giving thoughts of the future and gain insight to the past,besides able to read thoughts of others. Vetala are quite rare as Sila.

Always remember that the unseen can take on disproportionate power.

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