Sunday, April 24, 2016

Watch: (Updated) Controversial Answer Of Mar During Debate Where The Ticker Came First Gone Viral!

This short clip of Mar Roxas' answer during the 3rd and final presidential debate has gone viral. Many netizens have noticed that the ABS-CBN's ticker came out first before it was mentioned/spoken by Mar Roxas and many say it is a concrete evidence that ABS-CBN gave a leakage to Mar Roxas to be prepared.

Do you really believe that there's an anomaly behind? We cannot guaranty that the ticker came first before it was spoken since the clip was cut.
Below is the said video watch it yourself and give us your thoughts about this issue!

You can still watch the video using your phone just wait the video to load!
(Updated) The viral video which ABS-CBN ticker came out first before Mar Roxas', were actually hoax and cut, here is the video that Mar actually spoke it twice, you can watch the video below.

You can also watch the controversial men in yellow who asking Duterte sticker HERE!

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