Monday, April 18, 2016

Watch: Grace Poe Could Be The Person Behind Mystica's Criticisms Against Duterte?

This video was uploaded to the Facebook page called "Bisaya Pa More" with the caption:
 "GRACE PUPO (TAE) BRINATATAT SI MAYOR DUTERTE ITO PALA ANG TAGA UDYUK NI PYSTICA PARA EBRATATAT SI MAYOR DUTERTE HULI KA!" In the video you will notice that Grace Poe was mentioning about Duterte is the barrier towards the Filipino freedom just like what Mystica fighting for.

When she asked one of the reporter about "Is Duterte will be a dangerous president? (referring to the 1989 rape-slay of foreign missionary joke issue )" she immediately responded with an emotional "Yes". The issue about the "rape joke" was an incomplete details that is according to the people who watched the whole video. But the mass media spread the false news rapidly and cut the video and left behind the main information about what Duterte really mean.

After the issue and the cut video went viral in social media most of the giant NEWS companies published an article that Duterte don't want to
make a public apology but Duterte already asked an apology that it is his mouth that is dirty not his act/governance. You can see many memes in Facebook where he asked sorry with his simple outfit wearing slippers and a simple white shirt.

When the issue still on fire Rappler made a survey again to see if Duterte's supporters will change their mind after the rape issue but the result of the poll after 10 hours shows that 70% of the vote still Duterte. Below are more information about this article, take a look.

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