Friday, April 15, 2016

Watch: Meet Oscar The Modular Real Flesh Body Made By Human!

We all know that Science fiction is only a fiction but what if these fictions has came to life? Meet Oscar the first ever Modular Body. These real-flesh body parts are made in the lab by Floris Kaayk. Oscar still in developing stage and many research to work on before it will be completed.

“Oscar shows that it is possible to program stem cells, to culture them and to print them in any desired tissue,” Lee says. “This means the division between man and machine is slowly thinning. This living creature provides insight into opportunities for the human body. Think of the replacement or upgrading of obsolete organs in a possible clickable system like the building blocks in a Lego set.”

In the official site which Oscar explained how it's made, the site has thumbnails for you to click on and to watch the videos explaining Oscar how it's formed. You can visit the Oscar The Modular Body website here. Below are the few videos of Oscar, watch it. 

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