Saturday, April 16, 2016

Watch: What This Man Said About Davao City Will Put Anger To Dabawenyos!

We can't deny that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is obviously the number one presidential candidate. After getting the highest rank in the survey, many videos that against Duterte have been circulating over the internet. One of those videos is Mystica's video (watch here) where she was denouncing him together with her companions cheering her up.

Many netizens have the same thoughts that, these people who are making video that against Duterte's movements could be paid by the higher officials in the government. Just like the issue of many celebrities here in the Philippines where being paid by the politicians.

After Mystica's video gone viral, this man also created a video where he was insulting Davao City that according to him Davao has full of criminals because when you are putting a curfew in a certain city that only means that, it has a high rate of crimes. For the full video, watch it below.

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