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7 Tips on How To Tell If Your House Is Haunted by a Ghost!

     A lot of people believes in ghosts and paranormal stories and events and will later tell you about it. Some even proved that they are true, whilst some people doesn't really care about it at all. 
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     If you have witnessed one or twice of these paranormal events, you probably wish that you won't like to witness or experience one again, right? Have you probably thought, or sensed, or even seen a ghost in your house? Have you been nervous all this time because of the thought of having a ghost inside your house that might haunt you and your family one day? Worry no more because we will give you 7 Tips on how you can tell if your house is haunted by a ghost, or if a ghost is living in there!

7 Tips on How To Tell if Your House is Haunted by a Ghost!

Number 7. Doors and cabinets seem to open by themselves
     You knew that you closed all of the doors and cabinets before leaving your house, so why does it seem that one of your cabinet is open when you returned? Doors, cabinets and drawers moving by themselves are one of the classic hallmarks of a haunting in your own house. Some ghost or paranormal entities are trying to communicate with you, the house owner, by moving a certain object inside your house. Sometimes its a good sign, but sometimes its not, if you ever experienced something more than this, then try to call for help.

Number 6. You hear knocks and scratches on your house or room walls
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     When you're lying awake at night, especially at the peak hours of the night, you might hear these noise which are a bit more sinister than on the day because the ghost seem to know that these kind of noises are one of the most common ways of spirits or paranormal entities to try to communicate with us. Some would even do more horrid things than just by knocking or scratching at your walls or doors, and some of these won't even let you sleep.

Number 5. It's suddenly got very, very cold in your spot or place or room
     Spirits, ghost, or paranormal entities can cause environmental shifts, like cold or hot spots. You will instantly know it when you walk inside the house and all of a sudden your skin felt cold or hot and when you go back to your previous place, it will be gone. These environmental shift might make you nervous and have chills on your skin, but try to shake it off by moving into another place.

Number 4. Your House Electronics are constantly doing weird things
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     The lights in your house might be switching on and off. Sometimes the lights go off but the switch hasn't moved from its previous state. Your brand new batteries can drain in just a span of 20 minutes even you do not use it very often. Appliances keeps on switching on and off. This might be because of the spirits or paranormal entities need some energy, so their way of getting energy is they will use the energy from your appliances, sometimes even your gadgets might end up being dead bat.

Number 3. Someone is calling your name, but no one's there.
     You might be hearing some voices or whistles towards you, without seeing someone near you is one of the surprisingly common report of people who think that some ghost or paranormal entity is living in their houses. People claim to hear whispers or someone calling their name while they're at home even there's no one around, and take note, this might happen anytime of the day, especially when you're alone and at night.

Number 2. You see mysterious shadows lurking in hour house
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     Encounter with a shadow figure or a dark figured human is sometimes very dangerous. They can be quite scary because these shadows might do something horrible to you that even the exorcists or spiritists are not sure if what you are facing is a ghost spirit, paranormal entity or worst, a demon. If the exorcists can't do anything about this anymore, try to call over a priest for a house baptismal and make sure that every nook and crannies in your house will be baptized with holy water. If none of these works, then leave your house immediately and try to seek help to those who are more knowledgeable when it comes to these issues.

Number 1. Strangers inside your house
     Ghost can appear as full-on, solid humans. Some people will see a man or a woman walking or standing in their kitchen or bedroom, and then suddenly vanish in an instant. These reports or such apparitions are rare, even among ghost hunters. Some ghost hunters experienced it, but others never encountered one.

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