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How To Get a Job!

 If you're a fresh graduate and you're looking for your very first job, or just switching your career to a better one, finding a job requires you to do 2 main tasks and those are following your goals and using the latest and best tools in order to join or enter the job that you want to.

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     Let's assume that you have chosen your career, and is currently looking or searching for a good job, there's a lot of ways that could help you to actually land the job that you've been wanting to get in the first place!

Building Your Qualifications by:

1. Revising your Resume.
     As you go job hunting, make sure that your resume is up-to-date, meaning complete all the details and revise your resume. Resume is important because it shows who you are, where you are from, and what you can offer to the company that you've been wanting to enter.

     Take note that making up some information on your resume will come back and haunt you sooner or later. Make sure that you use active verbs when describing what you did on your last job, also use proper grammar and proofread your resume a lot of times to check spelling errors or typo.

2. Preparing for your Job Interview:
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     A lot of interviewers would ask you to tell him/her about yourself, take note that he/she doesn't need the info of you about your grade school or how you grew up, they need your work and experience since they want to understand your background, your accomplishments, why you want to work for their company and also your future goals.

3. Making a List of work-related skills that you'd want to Learn.

     Your interviewer will be interested in hearing about how you want to become a better employee, they want to know what skills you're good at and what skills you want to learn and be good at. Also try not to stammer while talking to them and just express and tell them what you want, make them impressed with your skills.

Doing Your Homework:

1. Prepare for a Behavioral Interview.
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     Sometimes your interviewer would ask you to describe problems that you've encountered before and how you handled that specific situation, because they want to know how you performed when you faced such obstacles. Be sure to give your honest and detailed answer. Sometimes you need to tell the whole story but keep short.

2. Research about the Company.
     This is one of the important parts in your homework, don't just research, keep in mind every details that you've read, try memorizing their mission, vision, and goals so you can prove to them that you're really aiming to get a job from the company you've been wanting to enter. If in case its a retail company that you've been wanting to enter, try checking out their stores and learn to observe the customers and the workers, ask them a lot of questions about the work, et cetera.

3. Do Informational Interviews.
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     There are times where in a professional interviewer would ask you to meet them in a coffee shop for your interview, if they did, try to answer every questions that they're asking and if you were asked if you have any more questions, ask them a lot of questions about their work, try to impress them and be polite and also be mindful of their time. If you impress them well enough, they could hire you or refer you to someone who could hire you. 

4. Networks.

     Make a list of your friends in college, relatives, teachers, and acquaintances, contact them one-by-one if they know any job openings for which they could recommend you. Don't be too apologetic and too humble when talking to them, let them know that you're flexible and open to their suggestions and never be picky when in comes to jobs.

5. Volunteering.
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     If you aren't getting any calls or interviews, try volunteering for some organization that focuses on the stuff that you're passionate about, and maybe someday, they'll hire you for your hard work and commitment. It's like internship which maybe paid or not and you can add your experience from your internship to your resume as sometimes they can lead you to jobs because its a cost effective way to look for potential employees.

Adjusting Your Mentality:

1. Changing your Attitude.

     When you're looking for a job, make sure that you focus on impressing them because its important for them to see how you demonstrate your desire and ability to help or wok for them, its like to show them that you can help their business to succeed silently. Don't be too boastful about yourself, just try to be yourself and be honest.

2. Settling Down.
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   Settle down in terms of a place to stay. Like rent an apartment near the company that you'll be working because a lot of interviewers and employers would like to hire someone whose willing to be near their work place, and avoid relocating a lot.

3. Fit the job to the Skills.

     List all your skills to determine what kind of industry or business or job opportunity would be the best for you, because sometimes you might find some work in which you get more satisfaction and enjoyment that wasn't even on your career or on your radar to begin with. It is important to fit your personality and salary requirements on the job that you want. So be realistic about what you want to expect, but make sure to be open on the other jobs for you to explore.

     A lot of job description are just to describe an idealized candidate, so don't panic, just make sure to choose a job in which that is a best match for your qualifications. Good Luck and do your best, don't ever lose hope and eventually you'll get Hired!

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