Friday, May 27, 2016

How To Avoid Having Acne and Pimple Breakouts in just 8 Simple Ways!

     It is not just about good clothes you wear to look attractive to others, you also need a healthy skin which is really advisable and is much desirable. Everyone of us wants to have a fresh and healthy skin with no sign of wrinkles and blemishes covering it. Because having those are just not good and we all hate them, right? That's why we are here to give you 8 Tips on how to avoid having acne in just a simple and natural way!

Top 8: Keep your Face Clean
     Washing your face is the most important step in your daily routine in order to fight those wrinkles and blemishes. Even if you are not experiencing some acne problem on your face, washing your face twice a day will help to get rid of those oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that you don't want to have on your face. Don't just use any soap while washing your face and try to use a mild face cleanser, to get rid of those dirt. In addition use lukewarm or cold water while washing your face, and take note to never use hot water as it may cause pimples, because it will make your skin irritated and much prone to opening your pores on your face and will lead to breakouts.

Top 7: Wash your Hair Often
      Wash your hair regularly to avoid having acne problems, because if you don't wash your hair regularly, the dirt and oil in your hair will fall into your face, and will eventually make your skin irritated which will be the cause for acne breakouts and take note to not let your hair fall in your face as it will make your skin irritated without you knowing. Make sure to go easy on using products like hair gels or waxes, fragrances and deodorants as they go to the pores in your skin and will lead you to having pimples.

Top 6: Keep your Hands Away from your Face
      Seeing an unpleasant pimple makes us much eager to pop it instantly to get rid of it, but touching and popping pimples can irritate the pimples more and will lead to a much bigger problem. Avoid touching your face as possible, because it can cause bacteria or infections which you certainly don't want.

Top 5: Eat Healthy
     Our parents will always tell us that eating healthy foods is much more effective in our skin's health rather than using cosmetics products. Eating oily food like chocolates and junk foods are doesn't do much good to our skin. Do prepare healthy and nutritious food diet by eating vegetables and fruits as it can help us to have a healthy body and pimple free face. 

Top 4: Apply Ice
     Ice can comfort the skin because it can soothe your skin, particularly the affected area which can help your face to be pimple free. By applying ice in our skin, it will remove the oil and dirt that has been trapped inside and will decrease the redness and swelling on your face. It is also advisable to make it a routine to apply smooth-crushed ice to the skin to avoid having pimples and acne breakouts.

Top 3: Apply Honey
     Applying honey mask is one of the most common acne treatment for our face. It has a natural antiseptic property that will treat and heal our the skin. The antioxidants that is found in honey can help in reducing the infection on the skin and making it pimple free. Just apply the honey for 15-30 minutes and then wash it off with regular clean water. Take note that Honey is not only used for acne problems, it can also make your skin smooth and fresh.

Top 2: Use lemons
     Like honey, lemons are also known for its natural acne treatment of getting rid of the pimples and its properties in cleansing our skin. Lemon juice can also reduces the oil, kills the bacteria, decreasing the redness and also heals the pimple scars. For much advisable use, squeeze the lime juice over a cotton swab and apply it over your face. It can give quick and effective results.

Top 1: Use baking soda
     Another natural product which is already in your mom's kitchen to fight against pimples is baking soda. The combination of baking soda and lemon juice can be applied on the skin to make your face pimple free. It can help in neutralizing the Skin's pH levels, and will heal the imbalance pH level of your skin. It can also remove any extra oil on your face and also exfoliate your skin.

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