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How To Become Taller in a Natural Way!

      Have your friends hit their growth spurt already and you see yourself lagging seriously behind? or Maybe your whole family is really tall and you're wondering how to catch up? There are many factors that could affect a persons height such as genes which cannot be controlled, but when you're at you're teen age years you can control it with your diet and activity levels.

To become Taller You need to:

1. Consume a balanced diet.
     A person who have a plump body will look a lot shorter. By consuming the right food you will be much taller and you will feel a lot better.  Eat plenty of Calcium as it helps promote healthy bones. Calcium can be found in leafy green vegetables and also in dairy products. Eat plenty of Lean Protein as it helps promote muscle growth and healthy bones and you can find them in white poultry meat, fish, soy, and dairy products.

     Get enough Zinc, as to help your body fight against sickness that is related to Zinc deficiencies because it is somewhat related to the hindrance in the growth of people. Zinc can be found in Oysters, Pumpkin, Lamb, Peanuts, and Crabs.

     Also don't forget to get enough Vitamin D as it promotes the bone and muscle growth in children. It can be found in mushrooms, or in fishes. Take note that simple carbohydrates food such as pizza, cakes, sweets, and soda are some of the stuffs you need to stay away from.

2. Exercise a lot throughout your teen years and in Puberty.
     Exercising regularly everyday can help you to grow taller during your teenage years. It is recommended to at least exercise your muscles for at least 30 minutes per day. There are a lot of stuffs you could do for an exercise, you can join a gym, as it'll be a lot easier for you to access those muscle-building machines. There's also sports, and in sports, people who join teams can burn off those extra calories because of the use of their natural competitiveness and hopefully they'll get their bodies taller.

     If you don't feel like joining a gym or a sports team, there's always the choice of just walking around, or running or even brisk walking. Try to walk for at least a 1000 steps everyday, as it will be a good exercise already for your body.

3. Get adequate sleep every night.
     If you don't know, sleeping is the time in which your body grows, so having an adequate sleep every night is likely equivalent to giving your body more time to grow. At least get 9 to 11 hours of sleep per night while you're still young because as you grow older, there will be a lot of hindrance for you to go to sleep because there will be school works, projects, deadlines, night outs, and work for you in the future.

4. Understand more about your height.
     A lot of people kept on asking why he/she ain't tall, so if you're one of them, check your parents if they're tall, or your relatives, if they are tall and you're not, you probably haven't reached your growth spurt years, but if in case that your parents and relatives are small, then accept the fact that you won't be tall. Its either you have the tall genes or not, so just accept it whatever height you have and just enjoy to be you.  Also expect that you'll stop growing once you've hit your twenties, that's why we recommend to do these stuffs on your teenage years.

5. Try to not Hinder your Growth.
     There are environmental influences that can affect your natural growth and sample of these are Drugs and Alcohol. If you ingested or take them while you were on you're teen years, you'll probably hinder your growth. Malnutrition is also one fact that can keep you from reaching your full height. Coffee or any caffeine products won't hinder your stunt growth, but taking them at night will, because it will keep you from sleeping soundly and regularly while smoking and using steroids can stunt your growth.

In order to become Taller you need to Exaggerate your Height by:

1. Having a Good Posture.
Source: Medical Daily

     Remember to always stand straight and don't hunch on your back. Did you know that having a good posture will make you look much taller? Also spread out your shoulders slightly towards the back.

2. Wearing Tighter Clothes.
Source: Ali

     By wearing tighter clothes, you'll accentuate the lines on your body. Wearing slim-fit clothes will also make you feel good about yourself. Try not to buy any baggy clothes or even think of wearing one, as those will make you a lot smaller than what you used to be.

3. Enhancing your Height.
Source: The Oddysey

     Try wearing high-heels and avoid wearing flats or flip-flops. You can start with half an inch shoes to a 1 or 2 inch. Also, if you might notice, when you're wearing high-heels your body will automatically stand in a straight position, your buttocks will also be much more noticed while wearing high-heeled shoes.

4. Showing the Best Features of your Body.
Source: Glam Radar

     If you have long legs, try to wear shorts or skirts to highlight them, also avoid wearing leggings as it will visually shorten your legs and make you look a lot shorter.

5. Wearing Dark Colored Clothes and with Vertical Stripes.
Source: Pinterest

     Wearing dark colored clothes can contribute to looking both slimmer and taller, take note to go dark on top and bottom while wearing clothes while vertical stripes is also good as it will make you look taller than you are. Also avoid wearing horizontal striped clothes.

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