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How To Choose the Right School for You!

     The Key to finding the best school for you is to know exactly what you want and to know what options it will bring to you. Its not just about the friends you've known since pre-school, its about you and what you're capable of. So we're giving out some steps for you in order for you to find out what's the best and right school for you.

Step #1
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     Thinking about what you want for a school, may it be your school for high school or college. Here's a sample, if you're into arts or crafts or even sports go into a school in which they accelerate in those categories. Like an art school or a school that has a good athletic program.

Step #2
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     Considering where your friends are going to, but then take note to not let them decide or to dictate for your decision. This must be your decision and not theirs. Of course it might get lonely when you don't have anyone you know in your new school, but getting to know other people is good for you because it will widen your world and why not make a lunch out or a mini party with your old school friends and your new ones.

Step #3
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     Discussing your choices with your parents. In this aspect it is good to discuss it with the one whose paying the tuition, make sure that your family can afford your school fees. Most private schools fees are a high and of course public schools normally charge fees in small amounts. Though if you really want to go to a Private school you can try for a scholarship or a financial aid from your local government (mayor/governors/etc.)

Step #4
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     There are tours for those who are applying as a new student, so why not try to attend the school tours so you can check if the building and facilities are good enough for you to stay for 4 to 5 years. After attending in those tour, decide if you really want to go to that school or not.

Step #5
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     Don't rule out a school. Meaning if the school is giving away free tablets or laptops that doesn't mean that they're much better than the other school, its like their marketing strategy in order to get you in. Try to tally out what you want for a school.

Step #6
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     Remember in Step #4 we specified that schools give tours to new possible students. In Step #6, make sure that when you're on a tour, ask questions, like how are the teachers, clubs, electives, et cetera. So before going in a tour, list some questions that is bothering you.

Step #7
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     Try to imagine yourself going to that school every day. Take note of the feelings that you felt while in a tour and imagine how you would look in their school uniform, the feeling of walking in the corridors, the images of the rooms. If you're comfortable with what you imagined then you're on the right track.

Step #8
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     After attending a tour and imagining yourself in that school, talk to your parents again and let them know how you feel about the school that you've chosen. If they agree then you're good to go.

Step #9
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     If the school you chose doesn't offer one of the subjects that you want, you can consider learning it on the outside. There's a lot of affordable art schools or crafts or sports schools that can offer you to learn for a short period of time, like summer camps.

Step #10
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     Once you're ready to go, enter the school and be confident. Try to mingle out with the new classmates of yours and make some friends. Also keep in touch with your older school friends. Text them, or email or even call them once in a while.

     There's a lot of schools out there to choose from, so choose wisely because not all schools suit everyone, think of how the school will benefit you now and also in the future. Also make sure to be considerate of your home distance from school. Good Luck and Have Fun in your new school!

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