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How To Deal with Your Girlfriend on Her Red Days!

     So you're here because you need some tips on how to deal with your Girlfriend when she's on her special week or on her red days, right? You've come to the right article since we will help you with your problem, but First of all, do you know what Menstruation is?
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     Menstruation is a natural phenomena in a woman. It is a monthly bleeding in which the body of the women sheds the lining of the "womb" or the "uterus". It is the monthly and regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue through the vagina.

     There are a lot of signs and symptoms whenever a woman is almost on her "red days/special week of the month", and these includes having acne, tender breast, feeling bloated and tired, very irritable, and her mood changes a lot.

     It starts between twelve (12) to fifteen (15) years of  age, which is known as menarche, though some girls that as young as eight (8) years old can have menstruation at such age, and still be considered normal. Take note that Menstruation normally last around 2 to 7 days.

     So in that 2 to 7 days, you need to be patient with your Girlfriend and well, you need to spoil her a bit by treating her some chocolates. Well, that's not the only tip that we have stored for you, there's actually 6 Tips on how you should deal with your Girlfriend on her red days!

6 Tips on How to Deal with your Girlfriend on Her Red Days!

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1. Try to Understand what She Feels.

     When your Girlfriend is on her special week of the month, she'll experience a lot of mood swings, headaches, change in her appetite, pain in the genital area, feeling very sleepy or very tired. You should at least treat her like a princess on those days, because having Menstruation is really a pain for a lot of women. If its hard for you, then it's harder for her, so try to understand her a lot more when she's on that special week.

2. Assist her when she's doing Household Chores.

     Take note, it won't make you less of a man if you help your woman do the chores, plus it'll be a proof to her that you can do a lot more and you'll be a lot more manly or a gentleman for your girl.

3. Boost her Confidence.

     Try to make her feel your loyalty and tell her that she's really pretty or beautiful on those days, because as she enters on that special week of hers, her sudden mood changes will surely be a one hell of a ride for you. She might be laughing in one minute then crying on the next because she lost her favorite hairpin or something like that.

4. Assure and Keep Saying and Proving to her that you Love and Desire her.

     Make your girlfriend feel that you are very sincere when you say or prove that you love her, do some special little things for her, like bringing over some pancakes and hot chocolate for her breakfast and put a little note on it like "Hi Pretty, I Love You." She'll definitely like it.

5. Speak to her Calmly and Try not to Fight with her.

     On her Special week of the day, try to speak to her calmly or in a gentle manner, because once she's angry and you fought with her more, you're just like adding more fuel in the fire, and take note, she'll see you negatively on this aspect.

6. Prepare her Favorite Food or Snacks.

     I bet that you know this quote all too well, "A way to a Man's heart is through his stomach." right? This time, its applicable to your girlfriend, and make sure to prepare her favorite meals as it'll make her feel happy.

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