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How To Help Your Child to Use the Internet Properly!

     there are times in which, using the Internet can cause or influence your child/children to be a better or a good person, or to be a bad one.
A lot of Children nowadays have been a lot more techy than their parents or than their older relatives such as grandparents. And we all know how the Internet can be helpful to everyone, but

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     There's a lot of information that can be found through the use of the Internet or the World Wide Web. It also connects the people from all around the globe, and learning to use the Internet Properly and Effectively is really needed.

     Teaching your kids to use the product of technology such as Cellular Phones, Computers, and Tablets is one way to help your children to contact you in case of emergency, or for their home works, and by doing so, it can help you and them to be connected to one another. That's why we've listed some suggestions below, in order for you to help your child/children on how to help your child to use the Internet Properly and Effectively.

How To: Help your Child/Children to Use the Internet Properly!

>Spend Time with Your Child Online.
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     If you have a personal computer or a laptop at home, try to let your child sit it front of it and teach them the basics of using the laptop, It might take you some time to teach them, but they will be able to learn to use it soon. If in case, your child/children know how to use the the computer, ask him/her about her favorite websites and ask him/her why she likes it. Sometimes the use of the Internet can build your child/children's self-confidence and also his/her pride on his/her abilities. Plus you get to bond with your children too.

>Helping your Child to Locate Age-Appropriate Internet Websites.
     While you're teaching your child/children about the use of the Internet, make sure to also warn them to not to go to inappropriate websites that could be very harmful to them. Make sure to ban the sites that you think will be a bad influence to them through the use of your router settings. Point out the websites that you think will be very helpful to your child.

>Paying attention to all the games and stuffs he/she may Copy from the Internet!
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     As years go by, a lot of games/movies/etc. have been developed and some are made with genres such as violence or that of which may contain sexual or inappropriate for children. That's why you should check the history and the download page once in a while, to check if your child has/had downloaded something that might corrupt his/her young mind.

>Using Filters to Block your Child from Accessing Inappropriate Sites.
There are software programs in which you could download for free and could filter out the words or websites that can restrict your children to visit them. But be aware that sometimes these filters won't always be effective and your children can always find a way to remove them. That's why the safest choice it to supervise your children's use of the Internet.

>Monitoring the Amount of Time your Child Spends Online.
     Internet Surfing can be as Time Consuming as Watching TV, make sure that your Child will use the Internet for only a short period of time. Don't let the Internet take over of your Children's life, and make sure to have a rule that they could only use it for 2-3 hours because they'll might get addicted to it and you'll probably hate yourself that you bought a computer for them.

>Give your Child some Rules in Using the Internet Safely.
     Give your child some reminders or rules whenever he/she is using the internet. Like don't tell anyone, including her friends, may it be a close one, that he/she won't tell his/her password. Don't use curse words or bad language or even send someone a cruel, threat or untrue e-mail messages over the Internet. Also remind them to not give out any personal information such as their real name or home number or even phone number, age, school  name, or any personal matters that might get them in big trouble. And don't let them meet some stranger that she just met or chatted in an online chat room.

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