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How To Reduce the Risk of Getting Cancer in just Simple Tips!

     There has been a lot of written reports, articles, and studies about reducing the risk of getting any kind of cancer, and some of these preventive measures are a bit conflicting, and it is too hassle to read long pages or books of reports about it, that's why we've summarized 6 simple tips on how you can reduce the risk of getting any type of cancer.

     Preventive Measures about Cancer normally is affected through the lifestyle choices that you make, so if you are a bit concern of getting cancer, read these simple lifestyle tips to reduce your risk and prevent any type of cancer to get you while you're still breathing nicely.

How To Reduce the Risk of Getting Cancer in Just 6 Simple Steps!

Number 1: Don't use tobacco
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     Using Cigarettes or Tobacco and taking in nicotine to our body is giving you more risk to get cancer. Smoking tobaccos is the common source of cancer like caner of the lung, mouth, throat. bladder. kidney, pancreas, cervix and larynx, while exposure to secondhand smoke is one of the causes of getting lung cancer. Even if you don't use tobacco it still increases your risk of getting cancer such as lung cancer. Avoid using tobacco or other products such as those because it'll save your life and your money from being spent on useless medications. If you're having a hard time quitting smoking, then ask your doctor on how to quit, seek for medical help as much as possible, because your body will have a withdrawal which will be a nasty one.

Number 2: Eat a healthy diet
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     When you go to a grocery store and bought some healthy food, it won't mean that you're already reducing the risk of having cancer 100%. It will just help you reduce it by considering of eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, also add in the whole grains and beans. Avoid over eating and turning yourself into a pig, avoid obesity at all cost. We aren't saying that obesity is bad, its just that you're a bit more prone to cancer when you eat a lot of unhealthy stuffs, so choose a less calorie food and alternatives. Take note of drinking alcohol moderately, because these can cause you some types of cancer like colon, lung, kidney, and liver cancer. Make sure to limit yourself of buying processed meat because eating large amount of it can increase slightly the risk of certain types of cancer.
Number 3: Avoid drinking alcohol or liquors
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     Stop hanging out with your friends just to abuse yourself or drown yourself in drinking liquors or alcoholic beverages. If you don't really want to quit then just drink moderately, because researchers have claimed that drinking alcoholic beverages like beer, wine and other alcoholic liquor can increase a woman's risk of hormone-receptor-breast cancer.

Number 4: Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active
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     To lower the risk of having or getting any types of cancer, you must maintain your weight in the normal weigh, and be active in sports, or do some exercise habits that could get you through everyday like a hobby of jogging for 20 to 30 minutes. Did you know that adults who participate in any amount of physical activity can gain a lot of health benefits. As a general goal, just be sure you do at least 30 minutes of any physical activity in your daily exercise routine, if you can do more, then its even better.

Number 5: Protect yourself from the sun
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     One of the common kinds of cancer is skin cancer, and it is the one of the most preventable. You don't have any clue if this cancer might get you so - Try these easy steps:

- Avoid midday sun - Don't stay out of the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., it is the hour when the sun's rays are strongest.

- Stay in the shade - Stay in the shades as mush as possible when you're out side of your house. Wear sunglasses and a broad-brimmed that help too.

Number 6: Get regular medical care
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     Visiting hospital and having check ups or regular self-exam and screenings for any types of cancers such as cancer of the breast, skin, lung, cervix and colon can cancer can help you to prevent getting any of these type of cancers by discovering it as early as possible, when the treatment is successful. Also if you feel any lumps on your breast, don't or never hesitate to ask your doctor for a breast cancer screening schedule, because who wants to have his or her breast removed?

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