Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How To Touch Your Man During S*x!

Discovering ones powerful pleasure zones is one of the biggest yes in order to make your relationship's sexy time together hotter than ever. A lot has been written for women, on how to pleasure your women while making love, where to and how, and its not a secret anymore that the famous places for women is the clit and the G-spot. Though you might be surprised that the male species has also those particular trigger spots that, when stimulated, will send them over their edge. Making your man orgasm is like making him release all those sexual frustration and tension that was created through the various touch and pressure that you made.

Here is the list of how you should touch your man during Sex!

     The F Spot, also known as the frenulum. The concentration of the nerve endings in the F Spot is compared or almost equivalent to the female's clitoris. According to Claire Cavanah, when a woman is giving her man an oral sex, the woman should slide her tongue to the F Spot while you stroke the shaft with your hand to make him build the arousal and that would send them over the edge, or orgasm.

     According to Mark Michaels, Men has a higher concentration of nerve endings in their soles of their feet than women, and there is an acupressure point which is about one-third of the way downwards of the third toe which is nicknames as the bubbling spring, it is said that if you pressed on that special acupressure point, you will get him hot all hot and bothered with the sensation that he's feeling at that moment.

     This is for those women or even men who are courageous when it comes to touching the glory hole. Because P Spot is like the G Spot for women, though in this you need to insert three-quarters of your finger length inside your man's anus (glory hole) and try to touch and feel the sort of like a walnut inside of his anus and by massaging that specific area, you can give him a very powerful orgasm. By the way, please take note that you need to talk to your man before doing this, because he might or might not like the idea of letting you touch his glory hole.

     A lot of women heavily focus on their partners genitals, but if you want to expand the capacity of making him experience a lot more of erotic experiences, the thumb would be a great start and idea to make him turned on. Try to suck on your man's thumb and stare at his eyes while doing it.This will make him turned on as he can imagine what's to come next on your love making explorations.

     The Gluteal Fold is the crease where the top of your man's thigh meets with his butt. It is like a surefire passion point because of its sensitivity, that's why some people like being spanked on their butts. If your man likes getting spanked (Try asking him first if he'd like to try it), you can drive him wild by gently touching or stroking his gluteal fold and try kissing along his fold and try to nibble it, or just spank him on that spot with a gentle tap.

     The Sacrum is the triangular bone that is located at the lower part of your man's spine which is between his hips. The nerves on the sacrum is linked to the genitals which causes it to be so stimulating and sensational to your man's manly parts. It also shows on some studies that the electrical stimulation on the nerves of Sacum can trigger your man's orgasm. You can drive your man wild by massaging him along his sacrum because it can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system which is one of the main points or main keys for relaxing, letting go, and having an orgasm.

     If your man likes getting stroked or licked around his nipples then you can drive your man wild by stroking around his aureole and gently licking it around and sucking it. If you want you can also try nibbling or sucking an ice cube first then lick him on his nipples since the coldness of the ice which is passed to your mouth can heighten his sensation.

     The Scrotal Raphe is the balls. According to Cavanah, "The line that runs in the middle like a seam is the raphe." To make your man go wild, gently flick the raphe with your tongue since  a lot of men would likely feel great because of it.

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