Sunday, May 1, 2016

Look: How Does Senyora Santibañez Looks As Of 2016?

Senyora Santibañez is undeniably pretty famous here in the Philippines known for her funny posts on her facebook page run by a Filipino admin. The admin behind this fictional character is a mysterious to many but thanks to him/her for making Filipinos happy always.

Senyora Santibañez is a fictional character in Mexican telenovela Marimar created by Inés Rodena and produced by Valentín Pimstein and Verónica Pimstein for Televisa in 1994. Senyora Santibañez also known for her real name Chantal Andere but the real question is, how does she looks today after 22 years? Below is the collection of her pictures from 2013-2016, take a look.


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