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Philippine Elections: How To Vote Wisely!

     Philippine Election is just around the corner, and as it gets closer and closer the battle against different people and party-lists is getting pretty much out of hand already, but we need to choose our country's next leaders and legislators, as soon as we can and we need to vote those who will help us to make our country a much better one than the previous administration.

      A lot of Filipino Registered voters still remains clueless on some aspects about voting and thus we've listed some tips on how to vote wisely to help our fellow countrymen to get a bit of knowledge on what to do this coming May 9.

Philippine Elections: How To Vote Wisely

No.1 - Get to know everything about each of the Candidates.
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     It's important that we know everything about each candidate may it be for a national or local position. Spend some time to research the candidates platforms so that you can widen your choices, instead of focusing yourself in one particular candidate. Hear and understand their promises and if you think that it is doable for them then go for them, but if its only to attract votes, don't waste your time on them and proceed to the next candidate.

No.2 - Study their Credentials.
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     Running for a Public Office is like for applying for a job, so therefore we must act as the employers or the interviewers. It's not just about reading their platforms or resumes, its more of a serious research if that certain candidate can be trustworthy or not. Take advantage of the internet, there's a lot of source that will give your some reliable information for that certain candidate. Don't just rely on watching them in television.

No.3 - Hear and understand them with an open mind.
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     Beware of politicians who acts and speaks kindly whenever they speak to you. Sometimes they're just acting as their marketing strategy to market themselves to you, the voter. They promise sweet projects for your community just to get your attention, though you should listen to them with an open mind and try to understand what they're saying. Sometimes those who looked bad and tough are the ones who can do big things that could change our country. So vote wisely everyone!

No.4 - Focus on the National Issues, not on their personal attacks
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     Every candidate has a dark past and got other background (personal) that has nothing to do about politics. Other candidates will attack their enemy by investigating and accusing them of something illegal. So instead of paying attention on their personal attacks, try focusing on real issues on which these certain candidates are a part of the issue. Sample is with the Yolanda Funds.

No.5 - Don't Vote base on the Popularity Surveys
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     Admit it or not, this is a major problem to those who don't have enough time or to those who are too lazy to check out the information about all the candidates. Take note that some politicians are actors, but then are they even the right person to choose for that special place? Sample is, what if Piolo Pascual runs as a Senator, would you vote him? Some people would choose yes, because he's famous, but is he the right person to vote? Think a lot of times before voting, because voting for that person would may or may not be beneficial to you.

No.6 - Analyzing how all the Candidates handle the Stress
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     Let's say being a President is a very stressful task, and is not for thin-skinned people, that's why you should expect that the candidates that you'll vote can fight in debates. We've seen a lot of candidates these past few days that really can't handle the stress in this national elections. Some even paid a big sum of money just to show a black propaganda ad at a known Media Channel. A lot of candidates would spend tons of money just to have a good image to the public. (Sample is fixation of roads or bridges, take note of their big tarpaulins beside the fix roads.)

No.7 - Don't fall for those God-Fearing Candidates
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     We aren't insulting any religions out there but take note that a lot of the candidates would use bible verses or tell people that they're God-Fearing persons has been abused by a lot of politicians, nationwide or locally. Did you know that there is a law that separates our State and the Church? and it seems that this law has not really been complied by our country because the Church has some issues with our Government when it comes to Divorce, Same-Sex Marriage, et cetera.

No.8 - Do not just join with the Majority Vote
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     A lot of politicians would seek help in big groups such as INC (we respect their decision, about who they're endorsing), to get a big sum of votes. The problem in those is that it's like they're removing your rights to vote who you want to vote (we're not saying that INC made the wrong decision, we're talking about their group and how they function in elections). There's nothing really wrong with that, but don't let anyone dictate you on who you'll gonna vote.

No.9 - Listen to the Candidates Critics and Avoid their Haters
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     Haters and Bashers are born to be negative with everything, they don't like anyone, and what they only know is to defend themselves and their ideas. Don't ever try to debate with them, because there's a 70% chance that you will never win. You can try checking the critics, because they are the people who can really understand the issues that is on-going in our country or the issue for that specific candidate. Reading or listening to them might help you in choosing the right candidate for that spot.

No.10 - Vote for what our Country Needs, Not for Who you Need
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     A lot of Politicians would act as if they really love the poor. They give away money, food, and goods to gain plus points to the voters, but it doesn't mean that you should vote for them because of what they gave to you. Don't follow the Philosophy of "Utang na Loob". Vote for what our Country needs,not for who you need. Try to change yourself for the good of you and maybe someday our country will be rich and prosperous again.

*We, ThePadder, is not affiliated to any political party and is not endorsing anyone of the candidates. Our purpose in this article is to help the Filipino Voters to be educated in this coming 2016 Philippine Elections.

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