Thursday, May 5, 2016

Watch: Actual VCM Printed Mar Roxas Automatically When Voting Other President Candidate!

This was happened in Lanao Del Sur, according to the people who tested the VCM, the machine printed Mar Roxas automatically even they voted other presidential candidate, also when not voting the senatorial candidate, the machine will print LP's senatorial candidates. You can watch the actual video below.

Machine error? O what? Be the judge. Comelec tamparan in LDS conducted today the final testing of machines for the upcoming may 9 elections. It is a shocking incident that during the first try, a ballot was inserted without shading any name of a presidential candidate but the machine counted one vote for MAR ROXAS. on the second try, the name of DUTERTE was shaded but when it was inserted in the machine, still it counted one vote for ROXAS. (the process was recorded in a video) whether it is a mere error or not, it is surely alarming. one inaccurate count of a vote is a frustration of the will of the voter. let democracy rule. let the election reflect the true voice of the people.
Posted by Ha Nah Dii on Thursday, May 5, 2016

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