Friday, May 13, 2016

Watch: Daniel Padilla's Controversial Lines "Shut Up Nalang" Goes Party Remix!

Who else wouldn't remember about Daniel Padilla's most controversial lines, after DJ's famous line went viral many memes had circulated over the internet especially in social media like Facebook. Now this man who got brilliant idea making DJ's famous line into something interesting, he made a party remix beat and whooops! sounds really an epic one. The man behind this masterpiece is Draoxx, well thanks to him anyway.
Daniel Padilla - SHUT UP KA! (Draoxx Trap Remix)
SHUT UP NALANG KAYO AT PAKINGGAN NIYO REMIX KO! :D Daniel Padilla - SHUT UP KA! (Draoxx Trap Remix) Free download ➟ Social media links: Like my page on Facebook ➟ Subscribe to me on YouTube ➟ Follow me on Soundcloud ➟ Follow me on Instagram ➟ Follow me on Twitter ➟ Add me on Snapchat ➟ Draoxx
Posted by Draoxx on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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