Sunday, May 8, 2016

Watch: Sen. Miriam Santiago Hit The Floor With Her Sexy And Hiphop Moves?

Senator Miriam Santiago has the record of one of the longest term in senate, she's also famous for being comedian. Nowadays, as the campaign for the election started this year of 2016, she's one of the aspirant and candidate in presidency. A lot of issues are spreading through social media about her health condition. Some are saying that even he could climb to the president's position, she would just die. But as she announced that she surpass her cancer and she has now a stable health condition.

However, there's a video of college student who used to impersonate the and dance very energetic and very alive. The video spread though out the social media. They say that, that dance simply means that senator Miriam Santiago was healthy, has good health condition and she could run and take the lead of our country till the end of her term. 

Here's the video below!

Who says she's weak? She laughs in the face of CANCER. lol #Halalan2016 #MiriamDefensor #BigSwitch2Miriam #IAmForMiriam #SiMiriamAngSagot #SwitchToMiriam #Redvolution #MiriamArmy #MitingDeAvance #TheRedPropaganda
Posted by Xander Cedrick R. Chua on Saturday, May 7, 2016

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