Thursday, May 5, 2016

Watch: You Won't Believe What This Mother Did To Her Baby!

This is not new in our society of today, in fact there are many videos that had been uploaded on social media where an infant is being molested by their parents or their nannIndonesian woman who's abusing her baby in a way that her baby cried so loud. The caption is in Bahasa Indonesia and according to the google translation "Is this a mother or a beast/animal?"

y. Today another video of an
Watch the video below and tell us what you think?  

Ini seoarang ibu atau perempuan atau binatang , masa sama bayi diperlakukan kek gitu, binatang ajh syg pd anaknya, kayaknya dunia ni dah dekat kiamat, moga dia dapat hukuman..
Posted by Ichal S'tanggang on Sunday, May 1, 2016

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