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5 Steps on How To Let Go of Your Past Relationship and Move On!

A lot of us have been hurt one way or another, you, of all people must of have experienced some kind of pain, maybe physical, emotional, or mental pain. It hurts, and we get that, but let me tell you this, past is past, it may have hurt a lot back then and up until now, but if you don't take a step ahead of your past self, how can you be able to live and be happy in the future?

     Will you still embrace that past relationship of yours until your death? It may have been a bad one, but you need to be stronger and much better than what you are now. You cannot change the fact that its been done already, and it can't be changed, unless you're a god or someone who has a time travel machine who could go back in to time to save what you needed to save.

     A lot of us starts off by blaming the other party that was involved, right? If they did something wrong, or they have wronged us in any way that mattered to us a lot, we normally wanted them to apologize to us, right? Because we want them to acknowledge that what they did was wrong.

According from Holly Brown's Notes, blaming someone can backfire on ourselves:
     The problem with blaming others is that it can often leave you powerless. For example, you confront the person (your boss, your spouse, your parent, your child), and they say, “No, I didn’t,” or worse, “So what if I did?”, then you’re left with all this anger and hurt and no resolution. All your feelings are legitimate. It’s important to feel them fully, and then move on. Nursing your grievances indefinitely is a bad habit, because (as the title goes) it hurts you more than it hurts them.
Here are the steps on How you, yourself can Let Go of your Past Relationship, and finally Move On!

 Step #1: Let it Go

   Sure, the hurt doesn't disappear on its own, you need to make the choice of letting it go, just like in that Disney song from Frozen. which says that you have to let it go and turn your back on those people who've hurt you. So that you can make an effort to stand up and move on from the things that are pinning you down to your solitude.

Step #2: Expressing the Pain
     There are lots of things that you could do in order to express your anger or sadness to what happened, you could vent your pain and talk to a friend, or writing a journal, or a letter that you won't dare to send to the other party. Get all the pain away from your system for good, so that you can help yourself to move forward.

Step #3: Being a Victim and Blaming Others
     Sure, being a victim might feel good and the other peoples pity are in you and you feel like on the winning team against the other party, but guess what? The whole world doesn't really care, and some would even feel like you're being annoying because your playing as a victim. You have the power and choice to continue to feel bad and blame others, but you also have the choice to start feeling good and moving forward. Stop the hate, and move on.

Step #4: Focus on the Present and Enjoy

     Let go of the past and stop reminiscing everything about it. Make today the best day of your life and enjoy everything that's happening right now. Bring yourself to those people who really cares deeply for you, like your family because they might of have been really worried for you. Same with your friends, go and meet them for a chat or even a slumber party and tell them that your going to move on with your life.

Step #5: Forgive them and Yourself
     You may have not forgotten what the other party has done to you, but you know everybody deserves forgiveness. Forgiving someone doesn't mean your weak, its simply saying that you're a good person,  and you're trying to move forward and enjoy your life in the coming days without of course the other person in your life. Also forgiving yourself is really important because you can't really live in peace if you're too stubborn to forgive yourself.

     Being hurt adds up to our stress, and it lessens our ability to focus on our work and studies. Also your relationship to other people, on who you might have hurt when you're in your own solitude. Go and move forward with your life and be happy, make that past to be a learning lesson for you so you won't commit the same mistakes again. Enjoy and Be Happy!

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