Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How To Be Safe All The Time!

 Nowadays, we don't know when will the bad guys come out and do something bad to us, right? In this article, we're here to list down tips on how you can be safe all the time, may it be at home, or even outside your own house. Make sure to list down these tips down on a paper and share this article to your friends!

Being Safe at Home

1. Keep a first aid kit handy.
     To make sure that your house is fully prepared for any worst case scenarios to happen in your very own home, make sure that you bought and have a good to keep quality aid kit on hand for any emergencies that you or your family might face. You can buy them at the supermarket or in any drugstore or you can assemble one for yourself and keep it in a tackle box. Make sure that it contain these things inside:

- Clean bandages and Gauze
- Isopropyl Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide
- OTC painkillers
- Antibiotics
- Antibacterial ointment
- Surgical tape

2. Keep emergency supplies well stocked.

     In any kinds of emergencies, we want to be prepared at all cost. And a safe home should have the following things that is stored in a safe place, in case that you need them:

- Batteries and flashlights
- Needles and thread
- Lots of water
- Pocketknife
- Radio
- Canned goods
- Matches and lighters

3. Protect your home against the risk of fire.
     It is important to protect your home against fire, whether you're a home owner or just a renter. Check the cable wires and check your appliances and lights before going to sleep to avoid burning your house while you are sleeping. Take these following steps to sleep at ease and secure, knowing that you've done what you can protect your house from fire damages:

- Install smoke detectors and test them regularly
- Unplug electrical devices that are not in use and make sure your wiring is up to date.
- Develop an escape plan and practice the drill with your family.
- Keep a fire extinguisher at home, and keep it updated.

4. Invest in disaster insurance
     Natural disasters like storms and floods can ruin your ability to lead a happy life. If you want to secure your future life against natural disasters, it is worth the investment now.

Being Safe at Night

1. Carry a cellphone.
     Whenever you are in indoors or outdoors, it is important that you have your own cellphone to contact your family, neighbors or relatives whenever you feel that you're in an unsafe situation or if it's an emergency. Make sure that you've got a fully-charged cellphone in your purse or in your pocket at all times.

- Keep a maintaining load balance for emergency events.

2. Travel in groups.
     This is the best way to be safe, its when you stick with people, specifically friends or family or relatives when you're walking at night. Man or woman, young or old, it is much safer if you've got some back-up. In addition, don't walk late at night all by yourself.

- If you must walk alone, just stick to well-lit areas, and avoid passing through the dark areas.
- Call someone to let them know your travel plans.
- If you go out to a party with your drinking buddies, make sure you get rides figured out before it gets late.

3. Let people know when you're going.
     Try to keep in touch with your relatives and friends especially to your family when you go out. Let them know where you are or where you're going. At the very least, you'll keep your loved ones from worrying about you.

4. Learn to defend yourself
     Self defense is very important, especially when you're always walking alone at night. Learning a bit on how to defend yourself in the event of a confrontation will help keep you feeling safe.

- Avoid physical confrontations as you can.
- The best way to win a fight is to avoid it.

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