Saturday, June 11, 2016

How To Get Rid Off Your Eye Bags!

   Eye bags, they are the swelling or the puffiness under our eyes, which sometimes they're a bit dark color and this happens because of the weakening of tissues under our eye lids. Some people have those hideous eye bags which really tarnish their facial beauty, and a lot of people would normally find how they can remove or get rid off their eye bags.

     As we grow older, the appearance of eye bags increases because our tissues weaken as we grow, that's why we're here to give you some tips on how you can remove or get rid off your eye bags!

Tip #1: Sufficient Sleep
     The most important and simple way on how to get rid off your eye bags is sleeping sufficiently. Lack of sleep habits can make you tired before getting physically tired. This is the common cases why people have eye bags and this was scientifically proven too. Sleeping sufficiently is needed so that our body tissues can repair problems in our skin and body, such as eye bags. That's why it has been a requirement to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Tip #2: Potatoes
     Potatoes are known for decreasing the puffiness in the eyes and can temporarily tone down those tissues in your eye bags. You'll need to use potatoes the same way you use cucumbers in your eyes, by cutting two slices of fresh potatoes and sprinkle some water on your eyes and then apply the sliced potatoes directly to your closed eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove and dry off your skin.

Tip #3: Cucumbers
     There are a lot of benefits from cucumbers and its as many as you can imagine. They are also the main ingredients of facial creams. Cucumber's ascorbic acid and caffeine can bring down the water retention in your eyes. They produce great moisturizers for your skin as they contain 95% of water. They also can help your dead skin to rejuvenate and helps to tighten the open pores in your skin. You just need to take 2 slices fresh cucumbers from your refrigerator and place them directly to your closed eyes which will refresh your eyes and mind. The cool cucumber's anti-inflammatory properties will naturally help to decrease the puffy tissue.

Tip #4: Ensure a Balanced Diet
     The importance of nutrients and vitamin E can help pace the occurrence of your eye bags. And to permanently get rid off your eye bags, you must ensure that your diet contains the basic ingredients that is necessary for your growth, your skin, your eyes including calcium. Be aware that your diet should not lack of golden vitamins along with the other elements including calcium, vitamin E, and phosphorous.

Tip #5: Drink More Water
     Hydration is one of the top list on how you can get rid off those hideous eye bags. This step is the most essential component as hydration revitalizes your skin. Drink clean water daily as much as you can, even more than 9 glasses of water. The doctors advises that we should drink more water to reduce the possibilities of dehydration in our eyes and skin, specially when your eyes gets heavy, just drink a glass of water.

Tip #6: Do Get a Massage
     For improving blood circulation around your eyes, do a light massage of almond oil around it without touching your eyes. This can help you to get rid off the itchy eyes, also your dark circles.

Tip #7 Instant Removal
     If you need to go attend to a party or a social gathering, use this step to instantly remove your eye bags. Use makeup to hide your dark circles, but take note that this is only a temporary solution. Also, make sure that you don't do this on a daily basis because it can affect your eyesight.

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