Sunday, June 26, 2016

How To Keep Your P*enis Healthy!

     According to a doctor named Steven Lamm, M.D., "All health issues have effects on your p*enis." and "A 50-year-old man who is healthy is probably performing as well sexually as an out-of-shape 30-year-old who smokes and drinks."

     Healthy blood flow is one of  the essential things to have a rock-hard erections, of course other than the physical and mental health factor that plays a good role in the functions of your manho*d/p*enis. If you are suffering from depression, addicted to any alcoholic drinks or drugs, or getting stressed out from your work or from a poor relationship, or even overweight and out of shape, then it's a miracle if your manho*d works well.

So, if you want to make your p*enis healthy then do your p*enis a favor and do this following health tips!

#1 Lose that Big Belly

     Achieving the ideal body weight and eating healthy with the help of regular exercise can eliminate the fats around your gut area. Did you know that abdominal fats actually blocks the testosterone that should be available to you? That's why a fat gut is a bad marker for a man's overall health, including your s*exual health.

#2 Quit using Cigarettes

     According to Dr. Lamm, "Smoking just clenches down on your blood vessels and prevents them from being reactive." If you're addicted to smoking, the nicotine that you get from cigarettes can restrict the penile blood flow and it'll weaken your erecti*n. Nicotine also contributes to plaque buildup in your arteries, and it'll make smokers experience erectile dysfunction.

#3 Exercise Everyday

     When you exercise, your blood flow increases and that means that your blood rushes through the lining of your blood vessels called endothelial cells and it'll stimulate your cells to make more nitric oxide which is involved in producing erections.

     According to Dr. Lamm "The healthier the man is, the more nitric oxide he produces, and the harder his erection is."

     Exercising is also an effective medication in reducing your depression, which is a downer for your manho*d performance.

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