Friday, June 24, 2016

How To Know if Your Woman is Cheating on You!

     Cheating is an act of dishonesty. It is generally used for breaking of rules or breaking a relationship. Cheating as we all know can occur in various forms, it can be in a physical form, emotional, or even in online form. Men and women can commit cheating, though cheating can actually be avoided if the two person inside the relationship would learn on how they can love and appreciate each other, and also to be loyal and faithful.

     There are times in which women cheat, because maybe their man can't provide what they needed in life, or they're too unsure about the future, or even, they just stopped loving their man. In this article, we'll tackle about how you can figure out if your woman is already cheating on you. If you have doubts with your woman lately, check out this list and maybe, just maybe, if your woman has a check mark in all of these, then you should confront her directly.

So, how to know if your woman is already cheating on you? Check the list below!

#1 They won't stop Nagging at you.

     Nagging in terms of pin pointing every tiny imperfections that you have or in your relationship. She'll nag you about it continuously and will try to stretch it until you became angry yourself and she'll make a way for it for a break up. She might nag about your physical look, or how you can't provide stuffs for your future together, etc.

#2 Calling a new person in her life with 'Just a friend.'

     Check out her expressions whenever you're asking her about that new guy in her life or new person in her life. If you see any unease expression on her face, or if she avoided eye contact with you, then there's something fishy going on. Don't nag her about it, or she'll get angry at you, okay?

#3 She'll ask you about your Daily Routine

     This is for those who are working outside of their homes, you know business man, office workers, etc. Your woman will ask you about your daily routine, as she may be planning a secret date day or date night with someone else. Of course this is not valid for those who works at their home.

#4 She always seems to be Preoccupied by her Own Thoughts

     Whenever you try to talk to her, she's always lost somewhere in her own world and it might be a hint that she might be thinking of some ways on how the two of you could break the relationship or how she will spend her date with the other guy she's seeing.

#5 She doesn't answer you Properly when you Confront her

     So when you try confronting her about cheating, well any person would not answer you properly if they're cheating, right? she's being silent about it or she'll try to ask you and insist for a break up.

#6 One thing that is common - Hiding her Phone away from you

     Well of course if she's hiding something, then that's definitely her phone to keep you away from reading any romantic messages that aren't addressed to you anymore. That's sad though.

#7 She's not interested to do any Romantic Deeds with you

     One thing that you might notice is that she stopped hugging you for no reason at all, or even getting close to you, no more kisses, etc. It means that she's not into you anymore and you-are-already-being-cheated-on-period.

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