Friday, June 17, 2016

How To Know the Meaning of Your Belly Button Shape!

    Each and everyone of us, have different body parts which exhibits the differences of an individual. We vary from different sizes and appearance. And these uniqueness is connected to certain personalities and even in our health.

     This article will tackle about the features of your belly button shape, that we normally doesn't really notice as we grow up. Though, of course being connected in our mother's womb through an umbilical cord before birth, which is called the navel, or the belly button. Did you know that our belly button can reveal our health condition? Find out below the shape of your belly button and check out the corresponding meaning or the health condition for it!

#1 Button Type Shape

     This might be a sign of hernia. Hernia normally occurs when an organ pushes through an opening in the muscle or tissue that holds it in place. It is most common in the abdomen part of the body, though sometimes they can also appear on the upper thigh, belly button, and groin areas. Though hernia is not really life threatening, but it doesn't go away on its own and might require you for a surgery which is potentially dangerous.

#2 Small Bump Shape

     People who have this kind of Belly button shape is normally prove to various viruses and flu. We suggest that you go to your doctor and have a regular check-ups once in a month, or make yourself injected with anti-virus medicines to boost your health, and lessen the risk of you having various viruses.

#3 Tucked Shape

    People who have this kind of belly button shape means that you are a person who might of have experienced problems in your digestive tract often. Also having a tucked shape belly button shape might mean that you have weight problems too, like getting obese or over weight.

#4 Almond-Look Belly Shape

     A person who have this kind of belly button, often suffer from migraine, muscle pain and bone pain. You might also have brittle bones, so ask your doctor for any helpful tips on how you can make your bones much healthier.

#5 U-Shaped Bulge

     If you have this shape of belly button, you might be prone or you have a high risk of having kidney disease, and so as skin disease. So let your doctor check up on you so you'll know if your kidney is okay and so is your skin!

    There are instances in which your belly button or navel, was deformed at birth. If in case you're a bit worried because it looks weird, seek medical help, to know if you are okay!

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