Saturday, June 18, 2016

How To Make New Friends in a New School!

   New school could be a tough choice, especially that you'll be in a new environment. And new environment means new people, new places to find, new classrooms, etc. Sometimes finding the right people who will be with you for the rest of your school year can be a bit tough, but don't worry because we're here to give you some tips on how you can make new friends and acquaintances in your new school!


1. Be friendly

     Always remember to smile, try to make eye contacts with the people around you, and be confident to talk to everyone, don't limit your friendliness to one specific type of person only.

2. Be interested in others

     Be a good listener. Listen to whom you're talking to and be open minded for any topic that they will tell you. Also don't hesitate to ask questions after they're done talking, so that you'll get to know them more.

3. Get involved

     Join clubs or sports. Find the right club that suits you. After your school activities, you might find new friends with a lot more similar interests like you do.

4. Be yourself

     Just be yourself and tell people who you really are, and don't be ridiculous in telling lies about yourself. Don't tell untruthful things about you. Because once the people knew about the truth about you, some of them won't really appreciate it and will just leave you behind.

5. Be confident

     Confidence is extremely important whenever you are in a new environment, such as a new school. Be a positive thinker and always trust your own decisions. People are lot more drawn to those who like themselves.

6. Be trustworthy

     Avoid gossiping to anyone. Don't talk negatively against other and avoid those people who do. When you talk about negative things against to other person, they will probably start to talk behind your back too.

7. Be kind

    Of course, people will appreciate you when you are genuinely nice and kind to them, and even when they see your kindness to other people. This kindness of yours may return to you someday by the people who saw and felt your kindness.

8. Seek out to others who treat you with respect

     Find the right people who knows how to respect others and specially you. Avoid those people who disrespect you.

9. Avoid peer pressure

     Good people and good friends will not try to harm you and ask you to do dangerous things, especially in using drugs or other vices. Avoid those people that may harm your entire life.

10. Ask for help

     Ask your classmates that you haven't made friends yet. Be confident and don't be afraid of asking it.

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