Monday, June 20, 2016

How To Stop Your Nose from Bleeding!

    Nose bleed which is also known as epistaxis, is a common complaint for everyone because it can occur anytime of the day. Nose bleed happens when your inner lining of your nose is hurt or dry. And the resulting damage to a small blood vessel in your nose will induce bleeding. Normally, a person will have a nose bleed if you have nasal allergies, sinusitis, hypertension, or bleeding disorders.

This article can help you on how you can stop a nose bleed!

1. Position your body
     If you suffer from nose bleeding and you didn't have some serious issues leading to it, you can perform some first aid at home during a nose bleed to help you to stop it. Sit down comfortably and tilt your head forward so that the blood drains through your nostrils.

- Use a towel under your nose to collect the blood from your nostrils.
- Avoid laying down as this can cause the blood to pass down the throat.

2. Compress your nose
     Pinch your lower fleshy end of your nose with a finger and thumb, to complete the blocking of your nostrils. By pinching your lower part of the nose, it will apply the pressure that is needed at the region in which the blood vessels are damaged. Keep on pinching your nose for about 10 minutes, then release. This step will stop the flow of the blood coming out from your nose.

- If the bleeding continues, just pinch your nose again for another 10 minutes.
- While doing this step, it is advisable that you need to breath through the mouth.

3. Cool yourself down
     Lower you body temperature to help decrease the blood flow coming out from your nose. To do this, you need to get an ice cube, and place the ice cubes in your mouth. This step will also help you to retain the lower temperature for longer.

- You can also get some ice cream and suck it to achieve the same result

4. Use oxymetazoline nasal sprays
     While you are having a nose bleed use oxymetazoline nasal spray, but take note to not to use it on a regular basis, you can try to use a medicated nose spray if you do not have high blood pressure issues. Take a small clean cotton ball and 1-2 drops of the spray to it, then insert it into the nostrils, continue to pinch your nostrils, and check if the bleeding stopped after 10 minutes.

- If the bleeding has stopped, its advisable not to remove the cotton ball for about an hour, because some cases, bleeding can reoccur.
- Avoid using this drug frequently, which is more than 3-4 days at a time, it can cause addiction and nasal congestion.
- Use only the spray if the bleeding does not stop by pinching the nose after the first 10 minutes.

5. Wash your nose and rest
      When the bleeding stopped, clean up the area around your nose with warm water. After cleansing your face, you should take a rest for a while. It can prevent further bleeding.

- You can lie down while having some rest.

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