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How To Take Away the Pain Before & During Your "First Time"!

      In this century, a lot of girls, yes girls, have already done 'it', because they would say that their boyfriends said to them to prove their love to them by doing 'it'. But, seriously girls, please don't. Just don't give away that sacred part of yours because of your ass hole of a boyfriend, because you might regret it one day.
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     Let's say that you've been with him for a very long time already, and you think that you're on your way to marriage with that person. You've decided to do 'it' and is a bit afraid that it would hurt a lot. A lot of people who experienced it already says that doing 'it' on the first time has a 50/50 percent chance that it would hurt and it won't.

     Now we're here to give you some tips and reminders on how you can take away the pain before and during the 'act'.

Before the Act:

Contemplate many times and be firm with your decision.

     Think about it first, not just once or twice, but a lot of times. The outcome of your decision that you would make would involve your first time experience, because in some cases it may be regretful in the end if you didn't think about it a lot. You need to be hundred percent sure of your decision that you want to give your sacredness away before doing the "act".

Drop by to the nearest drugstore.

     Go buy some materials that can help you with the pain. A certain c*ndm, and some lubricants are available in the drugstore. Surf in the internet to see what best suits you and your health at the same time. Buy some pain reliever too.

Speak up your mind.

     One of the most important thing is to give your attention and to be very open with you are thinking about to your partner. Think about what would happen next if you gave your sacredness to him. Talk to him and tell him your honest thoughts about what would happen if something happens after giving it to him.

Make yourself aware of your hymen.

     Hymen is a membrane that covers the surrounding of your external genitals. It is the mark of your sacredness. There are lots of medical procedures that can bring back the original form, but I'm sure that you don't plan to go in that terms, right?

Be familiar with the angle of your morality organ.

     This step will help you to determine the comfortable position that you need to avoid having extreme pain when you're doing it.

Speak with a trustworthy adult for advice.

     You can seek advice from adults aside from your partner. Adults normally has a lot more experience, but you only need to talk to those who is worth your trust.

Source:So Say
During the Act:

Have some small talks with your man.

     Talking to your guy while "doing it" can satisfy each other. Share your real feelings while doing it. Look directly into his eyes and tell what you honestly feel. This step will make your bond even better.

Be in a Cozy location.

     Find a perfect place to do it with your partner. Normally the location should be in a cozy and comfortable place for you and to your partner, so that you can both relax and take it slow.

Don't be in a hurry.

     Don't rush everything. Take your time. Seize the moment. Remember, this is your first time, so remember every detail of it. Remember the feeling that you felt at that moment and use protection if you don't want 'something unexpected' to happen to you.

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