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How To Understand What a Woman Wants!

"Women are like an abstract painting. Even if you can't understand them, they're still a masterpiece of beauty." A lot of Men can relate to this one, and this is really true, right? Women are perplexing, mysterious, and a lot of times, they're annoying and gets on your nerves, but in all honesty, you still love them. Even though a lot of them are annoying, they get misunderstood a lot, same with Men, and vice versa.
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     Now, this article will help you to understand more what a girl wants and thinks about. You might even find a solution to your problem here about your girl partner, and would make your life so easy.

How To Understand what a Woman Wants!

Step #1: Don't Flash your Cash
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     In step #1 Women doesn't really like to run after the money, girls does. I mean girls and women aren't really the same, sure they're both on the female side, but they aren't the same. Girls are those who have a girl like personality, childish, and can be easily swayed by money, unlike women who thinks a lot more of how they can live life independently, what they should do in order to have a good life and so on. They're different in some ways, so stop thinking that they're the same.

Step #2: Be Someone they can Be at Ease
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      In step# 2 Women aren't really that needy, though there are times that they needed some support too. They want to be with someone who they can depend on with their lives and trust a lot, and also share their feelings with. You might be surprised how a woman can put up with all those bitchy comments towards them, and they'll cry about it for the whole night and the next day they'd be all smiles again to face the world and reality again.

Step #3: Show How Much You Care through Small Ways
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     In step#3 Women always remember everything that you do, specially the small details that touches her heart. Of course sometimes, there are times that they want an expensive present, but then, small things and gifts or even small gestures can really highlight everything that you did. By giving them small notes, or short lovely messages, she will feel that you genuinely care about them.

Step #4: Open up your Emotions
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     In step#4 The moment that you open up your emotions to a woman, or open up the real you to them and share them, the woman would feel that she's one of the luckiest person on earth. Why? Because you let her to see the real you, and when that happens she'll open up to you too, sooner or later, and that she'll feel that you consider her to be a good friend.

Step #5: Make sure to Keep your Ego in Check & Show your Fidelity

     In step#5 A lot of women can't stand men or any person who has a high ego. Women doesn't want to put up with a person with high ego, and if you don't change that, then we won't give a damn to you. Of course women doesn't like a man who flirt with other girls. Because that's shit.

Step #6: Don't Expect that Women will Trust you Easily, Befriend Her
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     In step#6 If  a woman, doesn't trust you easily, she might have been heart broken before, or something happened before that she can't trust anyone easily. Just take everything slow, be a friend to her, get to know her and pursue her, cause as time goes on, she'll definitely feel at ease with you and maybe trust you little by little.

Step #7: Be a GENTLEMAN
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     Step#7 is a MUST. yes, women doesn't really like a man who has a bad attitude towards other people, especially the man's mother. Why? Because women thinks that if you aren't in a good term with your mother, in the future, it'll be like that too. Women likes to dream a lot for a Prince Charming, or a really awesome man from a Fairy tale or an Anime.

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