Friday, June 17, 2016

Pinoy Doctor Shared The Simplest Way on How To get Rid Of Insomnia!

     some people are suffering from the sickness called 'insomnia' and people with cases like this is still increasing. Insomnia's most common reasons are anxiety and depression, while the other common reasons are the emotional and psychological causes which includes significant life stress, anger, grief, worry, disorder, being bipolar and trauma.
In this world,

Take note that insomnia cannot be cured but there are simplest ways on how you can get rid of it.

     Here are some of the tips on how to get rid of insomnia, and finally be able to have a good sleep which is presented by Dr. Willie Ong, a filipino doctor.

1. Count your blessings, instead of counting sheep.
2. Listen to relaxing music.
3. Before going to bed make sure your body is tired is really tired.
4. Take some supplements that contains melatonin.
5. Drink some chamomile tea and eat some banana.
6. Sleep in a clean and comfortable room.
7. A Good mattress will also help you to sleep.
8. Avoid having an urgent and hectic schedules in the morning to avoid the pressure in sleeping.
9. Avoid engaging in a mental activities after 6 o'clock in the evening.
10. Decrease the amount of caffeine and alcohol that you take, specially at night.
11. Exercise daily for 20 minutes.
12. Have a regular and healthy diet, eat fruits and vegetables.
13. Maintain a good sleeping and waking schedule.
14. Always offer the worries to our creator.

Watch the Video below to know more about these tips!

Sources: TNP, YouTube

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