Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Woman Becomes an Instant Millionaire Because the Bank Made a Huge Mistake!

     You've probably dreamed of waking up and having a lot of money in your bank account, right? Guess what? A 21-year-old woman from Malaysia named Christine Juaxin Lee has experienced that situation. She was studying in Sydney when that magic thing happened. She checked her bank account and what she saw there made her shocked because there was a $4.6 million inside her savings account.

     Of course, getting rich all of a sudden  was a shock to her and a blessing too, that's why she started to spend the money. She moved in a luxurious apartment that costs $3000 per month. She pampered herself with everything she could buy from the money. In a span of 11 months, she already spent $2.4 Million.

  After a few months, the authorities have caught her because of the abnormality with her bank account and spending procedures, Christine Juaxin Lee tried to go back to Malaysia but she got arrested. When she was asked about what happened, she said that she thought that her parents were the one who sent her the money that's why the charges were dropped. It seems that the one whose at fault was the bank who mishandedly gave her the money.

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