Tuesday, July 26, 2016

CCTV Footage of a Man Fighting and Shooting a Biker to Death goes Viral! Must Watch!

     A 35 years old victim of a road rage shoot out named Mark Vincent Geralde was shot dead when he confronted a Man who owns a Hyundai Eon (color Red) that blocked Geralde's Way. The driver went out of the car to confront Geralde until they get into a heated talk and ended up into a boxing match.

     On the CCTV Footage that was taken at P.Pascal St. corner of Aleguie St. at Brgy. 385 Quiapo, Manila. It can be seen that after the man and Geralde fought, the man went inside his car and went out again only to fire his gun at Geralde who was trying to walk away from the scene already with his bike.

     Geralde ended up with 4 gun shots on his body which caused his death and it seems that an 18-year-old teen named Rocel Bundoc was also shot and is in a critical condition at St. Mary Child Hospital. It also seems that Rocel is an orphan already, that's why Rocel's relatives were asking for the suspect to surrender already.

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