Monday, July 18, 2016

Couple who Uses Social Media Sites to Sell Marij**na gets Caught!

     The police have arrested a couple who used and took advantage of the social media sites to sell marij**na online. The couple, Bonn Antiquera and Odessa Cadena were both citizens of Iloilo City, were arrested by the police after allegedly selling almost 10 kilos of suspected marij**na via online transaction.

     The couple were intercepted along the highway of Barangay Rizal in San Carlos City by the joint members of the Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs-Special Operations Task Group with the Provincial Public Safety Company and the San Juan Carlos City Police after they pretended to buy 10 kilos of marij**na online.

     It seems that from the investigations, it showed that the couple had to travel to Cebu to buy marij**na before they sell it to Negros. Everyone were surprised to see almost 10 kilos of marij**na, because of the decrease in supply and demand in the said province.

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