Wednesday, July 27, 2016

President Duterte's First SONA is Successful! Check the Important Points That He Stated Here!

     President Rodrigo Duterte has talked a lot of important points on his State Of the Nation Address(SONA) which made a lot of Filipino happy. Of course there are those who says that they're 50/50 and those who was no life and says that President Duterte needs to talk more about other points or subjects. His SONA lasted for an hour and a half because of his adlibs and sermons.
We will not stop until the Last Drug Lord-Financer-Pusher-User are put behind bars!
Courage knows no Limits!
Of course his SONA focused on his Drug War, but he also stated some important points, like:

  • Fight against Illegal Drugs.
  • Construction of more Drug Rehab Centers
  • Unilateral Ceasefire to be Effective Immediately (Peace talks against Mindanao)
  • Emergency Powers are not to be abused
  • 101% Clean Government
  • Faster Internet
  • Wi-Fi Acess in Public spaces with No Charge
  • New Bangsamoro Basic Law
  • Opening the gates of MalacaƱang for complaints against Corrupt Officials and other Inquiries
  • No Demolition with No Relocation
  • Universal Health Insurance for all Filipinos
  • Lower/Simplified Income Tax
  • Implementation of Magna Carta for Women
  • Easy Transaction to all Agencies

Since July 1, we have already made 3,600 drug-related arrests.
Let us not hate each other!
Kung ayaw ninyo mamatay, ayaw nyo masaktan, so huwag ninyo gawin, kasi magkakaproblema tayo!
     There's also Peace against the Police and the Militants who were Rallying at Quezon City, and were happy that it was successful! All is well in this year's SONA 2016!

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