Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Shocking: A Nun Was Smiling Even After Her Death!

     Rev. Sister Cecilia Maria lived in Saint Teresa and Joseph Monastery in Santa Fe, Argentina, when she decided and became a nun in the year 2003. At first she didn't started as a nun, she started as a nurse at the age of 26, because she graduated from a nursing course.

     Sister Cecilia Maria lived a really simple, quiet life and dedicated to prayer, she was also known for her beauty, and the sweetness of her smile can be felt with her whole personality. She was so friendly to all the people may it be if the person is poor or a rich one.

     One day, she was diagnosed with a tongue cancer and that cancer had already spread into her lungs by the time she knew it. After they discovered it, she was only given a few months to live.

     Even when she felt the pain of suffering while she was in the hospital, sister Cecilia did not lose her cheerful spirit. She never stopped praying and constantly smiling to all the people that she meets and greets her.

   Sister Cecilia Maria died at the young age of 43 on June 22, but what the people didn't expect and shocked them was that when they saw sister Cecilia is still smiling even at her death bed.

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