Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sugar Mercado of Sexbomb Revealed What Happened Between Her and Her Husband!

     Sugar Mercado was only 15 years old when she decided to enter the showbiz world as a part of Sexbomb Girls, which is an all girls group. After the said group separated she started to make her own mark in the Television scene on GMA 7.

     As her career started to bloom, her love life was also in bloom as well, as she met a half Chinese-half Filipino man named Jay, in a gym which they fell in love. On the video that you'll get to watch below, Sugar will reveal how everything such as her life changed after she got married to her husband.

     It seems that the man gets jealous easily to the point that he needs to check up on her every now and then to make sure that she doesn't have another man. She stated how difficult her life had been and now that she decided to leave him, the man filed a case of Child Abuse against her and is paying the court to force her to be in jail.

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