Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Licensed Pharmacists Refused to Sell Medicine to a Patient?! Check Here Why!

     A Facebook user named Kristina Apol Caceres Barnuevo shared her experience with another patient as a Pharmacists. The patient wanted to buy antibiotics but due to the reason of not having a prescription of the said medicine, he won't be able to buy any medicine. Why? Because its in the regulation of FDA that "No Prescription, No Antibiotic Dispensing." This is regulated because the doctors wouldn't like the patients to be Antibiotic Resistant, that means that you will be resistant to the antibiotic and it won't work on you anymore.

     Let us remember that we shouldn't use 8888 for petty reasons like these, what's wrong with paying the doctors a small amount so that you could buy your "right medicine prescription" for you, and helping those doctors who payed tons of money just to get their degree now.

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