Monday, August 1, 2016

Check What Happened to Jessy Mendiola's Face Here! Must See!

     The actress Jessy Mendiola has recently become the talk of the town because of the issue between her, Luis Manzano, and Angel Locsin, there's also the subject of becoming the Top 1 of FHM's Sexiest, and the ecstatic remarks that led her to have a lot of bashers.

     It seems that the actress has yet again posted a picture of hers with blood on her face, but really, what could of have happened to her? According to Star Cinema, Jessy Mendiola posted on her IG account the picture for her look test for her new project. She even captioned the photo as "Do I have something on my face?" with the hashtag of #kuracha. Its still not clear as what kuracha means but it seems that this will be a new horror movie.

     Aside from the movie, Jessy is also set to star in the upcoming series of "Will Never Say Goobye" with the beautiful actress Dawn Zulueta and the one and only Richard Gomez.

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