Monday, August 1, 2016

Chinese Man Paid $3.7M to Spend a Hot Night with Megan Fox Only to End up to An Epic Disappointment!

     A businessman named Yu 'Martin' Xu has paid $3.7 Million (Equaled to 132 Million Pesos) to the Royal Court Escorts in Sydney, so that he could spend a hot and steamy night with 3 gorgeous women named Megan Fox(Actress), Candice Swanepoel(Supermodel), and Angelababy(Hong Kong Star).

     Xu paid $24,000 for the joining fee of the said company and paid $2.5 Million in five installments so that he could sleep with the 3 ladies, but it ended up with Xu alone in his room with no girls at all, which leads to a big and epic disappointment for Xu.

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