Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Man Wears a Neon Colored Dress at His Friend's Funeral?! Check Here Why!

     Two friends made a bet that if one of them dies in the battle, the other (the one whose alive) should wear a loud-colored, completely absurd dress to the funeral. Sadly Barry (the one whose wearing the neon yellow colored dress needs to fulfill his bet, because his friend, Kevin, was gone but not forgotten and so as the pact that they'd made in Afghanistan.

     A lot of people indeed noticed Barry, but didn't said anything about it. Seeing barry for those who are in the funeral was the saddest thing that they could ever see, as Barry break down with his friends who are also in tears trying to comfort themselves.

     People needed to Mourn in their own way, that's what they say. Hopefully Barry and the rest of the people in the funeral heals soon.

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