Thursday, August 11, 2016

She Killed Her Friend By Putting Poison in Her Friend's Iced Coffee! Check Here Why!

     It was a fun and chilling moment for a group of friends but sadly it ended in a tragic incident which caused the one of them to die because of cyanide poisoning. On the footage that you'll get to watch below, the woman named Jessica Wongso gave a cyanide-laced coffee to her friend that was identified as Wayan Salihin.

     It seems that Wongso organized the said meeting with Salihin and another friend at the Olivier Resto in the Grand Indonesia Mall where the incident happened. Wongso gave Salihin her favorite drink, which was an Iced Vietnamese Coffee, and as Salihin started to drink it, she said that "This is not really good. This is awful."

(Jessica Wongso)

     After 2 minutes, Salihin passed out on the sofa and foam started to come out of her mouth along with a blank look on her face. Since Wongso was the one found to be guilty based on the investigations. It also seemed that Wongso happened to be seeking for revenge, and placed 298mg of cyanide in the iced coffee that Salihin drank. Wongso is currently facing charges in Indonesia for killing Salihin.

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