Wednesday, August 31, 2016

She was Paralyzed, but when Her Wedding Day Came, She Surprised Everyone! Must Watch!

     Getting to marry someone whom we love is one of the greatest thing that could happen to any of us, and in that magical day everything is just happy, and full of excitement for everyone. Just like with Jaquie Farmer who stunned everyone at her wedding. How?

     Jaquie was paralyzed when she was only 17 years old, after she broke her neck because she dived at a friend's pool. The doctors told her that she won't be able to walk anymore. But a magical thing happened and she fell in love with her now-husband and decided for herself to try to walk again. Her family supported her all through out her therapies, she even remembered that she asked her mom if "Am I going to be in a wheelchair forever?" while her mom hold back her tears and said, "If God wants you to walk, you'll walk." She hid her therapy sessions with her now-husband, and surprised him and those at the wedding when she started walk on her own.

They even shared their first ever dance since they've become a couple! How Sweet! Congratulations!

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