Wednesday, August 31, 2016

VP Leni Robredo Says: "To Wait For Something To Happen To The President"! Must Watch!

     On the early week of August 2016, the Vice President of the Philippines,  Mrs. Leni Robredo was answering some questions in an interview at Pennsylvania about being a VP. Turns out that she was saying that being a Vice-President doesn't really have real powers except "To wait for something to happen to the president," which was like making it seem that she's waiting for something to happen to the current President, which angered a lot of netizen for the President's sake.

     Still the question as to how did she get to pay for her campaign materials through "Lugaw" or "Porridge/Congee" is still a question to everyone. But, VP Leni Robredo should be really careful with her statements and movements, because the Filipino people loves and trusts the President, and any wrong move can put her out of her seat.

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