Friday, September 30, 2016

A Man Threa†ened to K I L L the Woman Inside The Bus?! Check Here Why!

     According from Beverly Ranes Diamada, she was on her way home when this creepy incident happened to her inside the bus. A man suddenly raged because she sat on the seat that the guy was supposed to seat on, but if you'll read her story, Diamada was really near to that seat, so she's the one who can seat next to it. (It's like a finder's keepers, but this time it's the one's whose nearer to the seat then he/she can sit on it.)

     So, the man raged and boasted to all the people that he's from Malacañang, and even flexed his "muscles" and threatened Diamada that he'll kill her because of what she did, which was just sitting on the bus chair.

     Diamada couldn't contain herself so she took pictures and videos of the guy, but it was too late since the threatening and the raging of the guy is finished. Watch and check out the pictures below!

     Here's some screenshot of another people's view on the incident that happened, he too is inside the bus, so there's a lot of them who heard the guy while raging and threatening Diamada.

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