Saturday, September 3, 2016

Abu Sayaff Group Claimed That They're Responsible For Davao Bombing! Says There's More To Come!

     The ASG, which is also known as the Abu Sayaff Group says that they were the ones responsible for the Davao Bombing that happened last Friday night (Around 10pm - 9/2/16) and left 14 people dead, 71 people injured, and dozens traumatized.

     The ASG Spokesperson named Abu Rami said that the bombing was "a call for unity to all mujahideen in the country" after our President Duterte ordered for an all-out offense against the group.

     Abu Rami even warned everyone that the bombing was only the beginning  and we should expect more to come. And in defense the President has declared a "state of lawlessness" to tighten the security in the country, and all policemen and the military in the country is currently on full alert since the incident.

Watch the video below to know more! and Stay Safe Everyone!

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