Sunday, September 18, 2016

Antipolo Kidn@pping Went Viral Online! Check Here To See What Really Happened!

     These days, criminals and abusers have been roaming around our neighborhood without noticing them and one way to fight them is for everyone to be more cautious and alert whenever they go out, especially at night time. Be vigilant in watching your surroundings wherever you are or whatever you are doing.

      This is the story of two netizens who shared their horrible experience in their Facebook account and went viral instantly.

     The first one is identified as Hanna Mae Joves Taronga who posted a warning to everyone, and claimed that two women were kidnapped by an unknown people who was riding a van at Antipolo Shopwise. The two suspects are well-dressed so you can't imagine that they are criminals.

     The second post went viral too, which was hugely similar to what Taronga posted, the one who posted the 2nd story was Shania Marie Gonzales, she shared in her Facebook account on how she was abducted by more than five guys who was riding in a black van at the area of Antipolo last September 11. She shared how the two suspects from the black van forced her to get in. She was blindfolded and forced to take in a blue capsule. When the car stopped at the gasoline station, she immediately opened the door and run away. Luckily no one is guarding her outside the van and she rushed to ride a Jeepney immediately. She spent the night at Mini Stop, Katipunan, QC, in which she waited until the sun rose up for her parents to fetch her. Many of the readers got terrified by the story of this girl.

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