Sunday, September 11, 2016

Caught On Cam: UFO in Malaysia!

     Another UFO sighting has been reported recently, this time it appeared in Malaysia. Some people who witnessed the scene has claimed that they saw a flying saucer hovering at the top of the buildings and on the skies of Kuala Krai that has been video-taped by the locals living nearby where the incident took place.

     The UFO hunters claims that the video is a legit one, and most likely a sign in which it means that there are extraterrestrial beings.

     A Malaysian blogger testified and supported that claim that the video is true, saying: "There's no doubt what you see in the video. Everybody who saw the ship was convinced by what it is. It is such a remote location that they hardly see airplanes there, definitely not spaceships. But there's a big difference and anyone can tell the difference. Some people say that the video clip has been edited and faked but it looks real. It's clearly not a military aircraft or commercial airliner."

Watch the video clip below and tell us your opinion about this!

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